How Project Managers Can Help You During The COVID-19 Pandemic
June 2, 2020 at 4:00 AM
How Project Managers Can Help You During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The global pandemic is posing unique challenges for high net worth citizens due to social distancing and travel restrictions in Southern California. Many homeowners are unable to reach their residences to perform the basic maintenance necessary to manage a property. If you are one of many individuals facing these difficult and disconcerting challenges, we might be able to ease your anxiety through our unique services.

What does an estate manager do?

Estate managers provide concierge services for clients who need some extra help with the daily responsibilities a home requires. This includes basic home maintenance like grocery shopping, cleaning, and various general household maintenance. We give our clients first-class service with keen attention to detail that you can have peace of mind and know that everything is taken care of. You can trust in us to always be well prepared to handle anything that comes our way and engage different challenges with enthusiasm.

How can an estate manager help me now?

Due to the tight travel restrictions and the importance of social distancing, out-of-state homeowners may find it challenging to return to their second homes to check on everything. That’s where estate managers come in. Luckily, operation management companies like ours are permitted to continue operating and do not need to make extensive travel arrangements to reach your front door. We are able to help homeowners make arrangements for cleaners, landscapers, and any other projects that need to be completed while you’re away.

If you have multiple properties, no problem! We are able to manage more than one at a time for you. We will work diligently to manage a team of professionals who are eager to do a great job for you. Our company takes client confidentiality very seriously and you can depend on us to uphold your privacy and confidentiality when you work with us.

What about your experience?

National crisis situations may cause panic, but we jump right into the action. During the wildfires of 2018 and 2019, we were able to navigate successfully through the unprecedented nature of those frightening days and continue to help our clients maintain their properties and lives with ease. During that time, we were able to reach the residences of Calabasas and Malibu to secure their homes and make sure all necessary preparations were made in the midst of a natural disaster. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our clients and our fighting attitude.

Cami and Phil are a dynamic duo who are known to go above and beyond for their clients. Cami’s entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, and enthusiasm for what she does has continually lead her towards success.

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